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Zorita is the band formed around the songs of Belgian/Spanish singer and songwriter Carlos Zorita Diaz. At the core of their music lies a deep sense of longing, attraction and warmth submerged in a sonic bath of sensuality, melancholy and mystery with a dark edge. With their latest release ‘Don’t You Lie’ the band brings these qualities to life with a modern and dreamlike sound that hints towards Cigarettes After Sex, Arctic Monkeys and Balthazar.


Based in Amsterdam since 2010, Zorita used to blend their songs with influences from all over the world into catchy pop music. Some of those influences are still latently present in their new work. Their songs bring to mind the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the lake near your grandmother's house and other places that appeal to their imagination. Some people compared Zorita’s sound to Calexico, Lhasa de Sela and Manu Chao. Others typed them as the Quentin Tarantino house band.


Zorita’s music carries some form of melancholy, and whenever possible they like to put that to a nice rhythm. Because if you are going to be melancholic, you might as well be shaking your hips.


Zorita musicians are:

Carlos Zorita Diaz (Vocals, guitar, banjo, and more stringed instruments)

Joost Abbel (Electric guitar, banjo, pedal steel)

Robert Koomen (Bass, backing vocals)

Hidde Smedinga (Keys, Synths)

Abel de Vries (Drums, backing vocals)

Thomas Geerts (Trumpet)

René van Haren (Trombone)

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